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Because Beer is Such a Terrible Thing to Waste…

Because Beer is Such a Terrible Thing to Waste…

It’s happened to all of us before. Crack open an ice-cold one and suddenly, your boss calls asking for the WENUS. You set your beer down, and half an hour later you return to a room temperature, flat, fermented drink of some sort.

Finally, the answer to our prayers: beer savers. These silicone caps fit standard beer bottles and even some larger varieties, so when you’re mid-guzzle and need a break, just pop on a beer saver to keep your favorite brew fresh. Not to mention, you can use these colorful caps to make sure your mooch of a roomie doesn’t “accidentally” take your beer (“Dude, I’m yellow!”).

At $12.99 a pack, these make for a great addition to that sixer you plan on bringing to the family holiday party. Sure, we may be early on the gift guides here at mm/c, but really, who wants to be scrambling on 12/24?

Posted by Haley