Because Yellow No. 2s Won’t Cut It

Despite having another full month before Labor Day— and it being 5 years since I was actually a student—August’s arrival always means one thing: time to gear up for school. Even as full-time PR gal, fall means new notebooks, pens, and, hell, even post-its (I’m kinda obsessed).

As a kid, I’d truck up and down the aisles of Staples—because I am oh-so-classy— ripping things off the shelves the way a contestant on Supermarket Sweep would claw at cans of beets and jugs of detergent. The prospect of a new season, new year, new boys to gawk at all made me sick with excitement.

If only a line of Alexander McQueen-inspired pencils had been released in ’97; I’d have been the coolest chick in middle school.

Scratch that. I’d have huffed and puffed and thrown a tantrum because there’s no way in hell my mother would ever drop one Ulysses S. Grant on a pack of a dozen wood/lead sticks. Well this year, Ritchie Rich can scrawl out his math problems in style. At $50 a pop, these pencils rock patterns inspired by the late designer’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Definitely a hot little way to break the bank.

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