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Beef Fat Injections…The Latest Beauty Trend?

Beef Fat Injections…The Latest Beauty Trend?

We’ve heard about channeling your inner-equine via blood transfusions for the sake of art, but beef fat injections as a beauty treatment? That takes the vomit-inducing cake. Under the misguided impression that hot fat would mimic the effects of Botox, Illinois woman Janet Hardt took up injecting her mouth and chin with beef blubber to reduce wrinkling. Perhaps not surprisingly, Hardt wound up in the hospital complaining of a burning sensation in her face, and died shortly thereafter. Though an autopsy revealed that cause of death was from unrelated infection, I think we can all agree that it’s best to lay off the lard.

Me? I’ll take a vile of botulism over beef blubber any day.

Posted by Abby