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Beer For Your Dog, It Now Exists

Beer For Your Dog, It Now Exists

Do you ever feel guilty about cracking open a beer by yourself after a long day of work? Yeah, I don’t either.

For those that do, an Indianapolis brewery has created a solution, fur-baby required.

A company called Flat12 has rolled out a nonalcoholic, non-carbonated craft beer for your dog, aptly named Dog Brew. What’s it made of? Meat bones, trimmings, potatoes, carrots and yeast…and then simmered with beer.

This doggie beer is sold for $1… which is pennies compared to that Harpoon IPA I normally order. Unfortunately, we can’t get this here in Boston yet, but once we do, we know LuLu is about to get turnt up on a Tuesday at the marlo marketing office.

You know what they say: friends (man’s BFF included) that drink together, stay together.

Posted by Robbin