Beer: Mmmm…Tastes Like Candy

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The only true cure to a long, grueling day of work is to plop down on the couch and crack open an icy cold beer – though personally, I always need a snack to go with it (because there’s no point in the day in which I don’t think about food!). Well, thanks to Jelly Belly, now you can have both beer and snacks in one!! (This sounds like the perfect corny info-mercial).

The cute confection experts just released their newest jelly bean flavor… beer. Apparently, there was some serious thought + science that went into its development over the course of three years.  They claim the candy will pay homage to Jelly Belly’s German roots with a Hefeweizen ale flavor with notes of wheat and sweetness, and a “mildly bready aroma.” Unfortunately, they left out the alcohol.

So the next time you get a Facebook invite for an awesome Game of Thrones-themed party or “Joe Shmoe’s quarter-life crisis b-day bash” that encourages you to bring a six pack,  take a quick trip to the candy store instead of your local packie!

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