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Believe You Are Blushing, Mr. Big Artiste

Believe You Are Blushing, Mr. Big Artiste

It was a simpler time, back when Leonardo DiCaprio’s butt-cut and boyish charm set the hearts of teenage girls aflutter and Kate Winslet was but a little-known British actress, that the world was graced with James Cameron’s epic disaster drama Titanic. Even though I’ve seen the flick upwards of 30 times (don’t lie, you know you have too), it never fails to reel me in if I happen upon it in the throes of channel surfing. I swear, that shit is on all the time. Anyhow, I digress. In perhaps the first Titanic-related news since winning the “Best Picture” Oscar in 1997, the film is once again in the headlines as one of its most famous props—a nude drawing of Kate Winslet—was recently auctioned off for a cool $16K.

Would it be too bold of me to say that I’d marry whoever the lucky soul is that bought the sketch (man, woman, doesn’t matter) simply to live in its proximity, eventually to win it in a divorce settlement? My heart will not go on until that drawing is mine!

Posted by Abby

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