The Best One Liners from the Ann Coul—I Mean, Rob Lowe, Roast

Don’t you just love a good Comedy Central roast? I mean, come on! The brutal public humiliation, blatant vulgarity and all around absurdity is truly a delight (of sorts) in this world of political correctness. Yeah, of course, it’s wildly offensive but it’s done in good fun and you know everyone there signed up for it.

Unless you’re Ann Coulter and actually have no idea “what a roast is” and naturally become the main target of the night. If you’re thinking, “Oh, how bad could it have been? Could it be worse than the time that the late Greg Giraldo asked Carrot Top ‘what the f#@k happened to your face?’ at the roast of Flavor Flav?” the answer is oh yes, yes it is.

Check it out for yourself:

Video source YouTube


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