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“Bestie Row” – The Way To Go

“Bestie Row” – The Way To Go

In college my friends lived with me, ate every meal with me, did work with me, worked out with me, and were basically just straight up WITH me 24/7. Sometimes we loved each other – sometimes we hated each other. But in the end, I got used to having my BFF’s at my beck and call whenever I needed them, and couldn’t image living alone.

This all changed once we graduated. Suddenly, all my friends were scattered around the country in different cities and states.

It’s been over a year since graduating, and to this day we talk about how lucky we are to have such a tight knit group of friends. We also talk about how we will one day buy houses next to each other and force our significant others and children to be best friends too.

Unsurprisingly, one of my friends shared this article with our group text exclaiming it was for “planning purposes.” The four couples featured created what is known as “Bestie Row” and have shown us that our dream of never being apart can actually become a reality.

Basically, each couple has their own 400 sq. ft cabin to live in, and they share one 1,500 sq.ft community space. Special features make these buildings incredibly sustainable. Solar heating and insulation keeps the homes warm, and the roofs are angled so the water runs into big tanks to store and use. Additionally, the small design of the cabin forces inhabitants to be mindful of excessive consumption and keep only what is necessary. There is literally no room for clutter – yikes!

Although there are a few kinks that would need to be worked out, this cute little community is definitely an inspiration for us all. Not to mention – small houses are so trendy right now. Until then, I guess I’ll have to figure out this whole independent thing…


Posted by Ally.