Better than B.O.

Leave it to the Japanese to come up the invention of a shirt that releases scent capsules. Yes, that’s right, forget about masking your B.O. with cologne or a stronger deodorant, The Otoko Kaoru Shirt (translates to “good smelling man”) has got you covered.

What appears to be a normal dress shirt is really a smell-protection device with a collar embedded with fragrance capsules that release when the shirt rubs against the skin. Potent for up to 10 washes, this shirt will save you from embarrassing, smelly moments (it happens) and, as Coco Perez writes, keep you “so fresh so clean.”

Right now, the shirt is only available in Japan, but if we’re lucky, it will soon make its debut in the U.S. and save us all from holding our breath while riding the T. Yes, I’m talking to you, man with the smelly pits on the Green Line.

Posted by Alyssa

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