Big Inspiration Comes in Small Sizes

In a world where we lay down in ovens to turn our bods orange, stick needles in our faces to look like ducks, and plump up our lips to look like a Kardashian, it can be hard to remember what true beauty is. We’re constantly shaming ourselves because we’re not a size zero with DDs and for what? A little bit of attention on IG? There’s more to life, people, and we need to stop hating our imperfections and be more like Kentucky’s inspirational nugget, Audrey Nethery.

Audrey is a seven year old battling Diamond Blackfan Anemia using dancing as her sword and singing as a shield.











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This lil munchkin is stronger than I will ever be and her attitude on life is taking the world by storm. Audrey sings and dances to her 1,200,000+ Facebook fans to raise awareness for her disease and reminds us that no matter what life throws at us, to never stop dancing.

Check out her story below, feel all warm and fuzzy inside and pass along the inspiration. Just think of how wonderful our world would be if we replaced all the Kardashians with Audreys? Think about it, then do something about it before we all turn into orange duckfaces, a scary thought that is not far from reality…


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