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Bikini Bod Boot Camp, Lazy Girl Style

Bikini Bod Boot Camp, Lazy Girl Style

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The time has come, ladies and gents, to put away those fuzzy sweats and squeeze into the cheeky bathing suit bottoms you’ve been hiding away for months. A scary thought, I know.

With that comes the time to slim and firm the parts of your bod that haven’t seen daylight in a while. Another scary thought.

I’d like to say the change in seasons means I’ll be hitting the gym harder than ever, but in reality, my three-days-a-week spin routine is probably going to continue the way it is at best. That said, I’m instilling a new routine to get this little bod into tip-top shape for the beach. Follow my newfound regime to laze your way to Victoria’s Secret status in no time.

1. Stop eating free cupcakes (and the like). When you work a couple blocks from Georgetown Cupcake, it’s easy to turn the free, super-secret cupcake of the day into an everyday occurrence. Time to take a momentary hiatus from the daily cupcake party.

2. Walk places. Nice weather = walking weather. The trek from North Station to Copley Square is a cakewalk with the right footwear.

3. Take the stairs. Sorry, peeps. Elevator’s off limits until August.

4. Drink vino, not beer. What?! mm/c client/friend/resident wine queen Liz Vilardi once told me that the secret to lookin’ great whilst dining on pork belly, rabbit rillette and fromage from Belly’s “butter” category is washing it all down with lots of acidic vino. That science makes sense to me! I am not going to argue that point.

5. Commercial breaks = sit up breaks. Said it. I’ve been known to get my crunch on in between American Idol performances.

6. Get up at lunch. I’ve made a vow to get my butt outta this chair at lunch time, even if it’s just to walk around the block, and I suggest that all you loyal readers do the same. Plus once in a blue moon I’m lucky enough to run into this talented guy.

7. Workplace exercises are not off-limits. Don’t worry, Marlo. We won’t be whipping out the running shoes for midday sprints, but someone at mm/c (cough cough, Maya), has taught me that lunging to and from the bathroom makes for toned thighs and a good giggle.

See? Easy as pie (although pie should probably be in the free cupcake category). See you on the beach, white wine in-hand, fellow fitness buffs!

Posted by Mary