“Bill Nye the Science Guy” in Boston

Bill Nye the Science GuyDressed in a suit and his signature bow-tie, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” brought laughter and Mars to a sold-out audience at Northeastern University. On Sunday, March 22nd, I made a trip back to my alma mater and relived a piece of my childhood.

For children of the 90’s, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was likely a household name. The show aired from 1993 to 1997, but remains one of the most talked about educational programs of that decade. Growing up, I don’t remember particularly enjoying the show, but the catchy theme song and Bill Nye’s undeniable presence did make an impression. In fact, I’d make a bet that the majority of my age group would be able to break out and sing the tune to the theme song (if paid money…).

In person, “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was exactly how I remembered him on television. Quirky, intellectual, borderline boring (in fact, the guy next to me fell asleep during Bill’s solar energy discussion) and completely poised. He spoke of the planet Mars, his Toyota Prius and melting glaciers, somehow managing to captivate an audience of college students into a discussion on science. Just for that, I give him props!

“Bill Nye the Science Guy” is somewhat of a one hit wonder. While he’s had other television appearances, written books and assisted on the planning for several high-profile space expeditions, his “Science Guy” nickname will inevitably always remind people of his fame. And just like a one hit wonder that’s been put away and forgotten about for a few years, bringing it back always brings a sense of nostalgia and the same sense of enjoyment.

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