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Bill Nye the STARBUCKS Guy marlo marketing

Bill Nye the STARBUCKS Guy

Image Source: Starbucks via AdWeek

If there are two things in this world that millennials love, it’s caffeinated beverages and nostalgia. So it’s no surprise that the ad masterminds behind Starbucks took this information and ran with it. In their new ad campaign, “Whoa, Nitro,” Starbucks sets out to answer the question “What is Nitro Cold Brew and how is it different than iced coffee or traditional cold brew?” Who better to explain the differences than childhood favorite Bill Nye the Science Guy?!

In a series of commercials, Nye demonstrates the science behind Nitro Cold Brew. His iconic enthusiasm comes through the screen as he sips his drink and exclaims, “WHOA!” going on to talk about diatomic partials, nitrogenous bubbles, and a bunch of other scientific words a PR major like myself wouldn’t understand. He breaks down the scientific principles of the drink into simple terms and explains how the drink is sweet and creamy without having any sugar or cream added. Please don’t ask me to repeat it, because I don’t think I could, but I totally get it when Bill Nye explains it! And whoa, science is really cool, you guys.

The campaign has started to infiltrate our lives through podcasts, TV, online videos and social channels and will continue to educate us on why Nitro Cold Brew is the drink of the summer. So, put on your thinking caps, pull out your Starbs card and prepare to say, “WHOA.”

Posted by Julia