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A Binge-worthy Podcast That Debunks Disney Classics

A Binge-worthy Podcast That Debunks Disney Classics

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Do you remember during the story of Aladdin where he’s living in China and he summons a genie from a magic ring? Or that part in Mulan where she actually manages to conceal the truth about being a woman to the Chinese army for 10 years? Perhaps you fondly recall the part in the Little Mermaid where the Prince she falls in love with ends up marrying someone else, resulting in her turning into seafoam? Wait, none of this sounds familiar to you? Clearly you need to get out from the rock you’ve been living under and start listening to The Myths and Legends Podcast.

While some of you may have been led to believe that Walt Disney was the ultimate creative genius, the reality is that our favorite ‘Disney Classics’ are adaptations of true classics of myth and folklore (but ya know, with lots of added fluff and happily-ever-after endings). In order to shed some light on the disparity between the two, Jason Weiser created this podcast to share the original stories as well as the intentions behind them. “Some [folklore] are incredibly popular stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories that might be new to you, but are definitely worth a listen.”

So if a world of magic, kings, Vikings, dragons, knights, princesses, and wizards is what piques your interest, put in your earbuds and prepare to be transported!


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