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In late October, a cyclist flipped off Trump’s motorcade as it drove by her. Juli Briskman told CNN, “My finger said what I was feeling, I’m angry and I’m frustrated.” She then added, “health care doesn’t pass, but you try to dismantle it from the inside, five-hundred people get shot in Las Vegas; you’re doing nothing about it. You know, white supremacists have this big march and hurt a bunch of people down in Charlottesville and you call them good people.”

Since the incident, the photo has gone viral as well as the story of her termination.  As the fears of unemployment began to settle in, a gofundme campaign, titled “Thank You Juli Briskman,” was created on her behalf. The page surpassed the $100,000 goal in less than 10 days, and is still actively receiving donations. And with each donation, another middle finger is added in support.

Image source: Twitter

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