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Image source Sunset Entertainment News

Just when you thought the Jersey Shore takeover might possibly [finally] be slowing down (I know, hard to believe, given the A-celeb level coverage given to the news of pickle queen Snooki’s little “gherkin” in the oven),  it’s expanded its reach once again. Joining ridiculous endorsement deals, obscene overexposure, and spinoffs is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s own news blog.

SitchNews claims to be “an online social/pop culture experience that gives you all the latest and greatest in celebrity, entertainment, nightlife, fashion and Situation Nation news.” In reality, it’s a Gawker knock-off — both in web layout and [attempted] writing style — but the content is effing bogus. Varying from videos of a cat giving a dog a massage (?!) to making comments about Jessica Simpson’s weight, SitchNews also publishes stories about the Jersey Shore, Sorrentino’s own “ab cream,” and his travels to Australia.

Obviously yet another attempt to lengthen a fading fame whore’s moment in the spotlight, this shit isn’t even written by The Bituation. Known on the show for his dramatic flair and back-stabbing antics (why do I know this?!), it’s no wonder Sorrentino has stamped his name on something and pinned the work on someone else. Lucky gal Jenny Blue, whoever that is, writes each post as the site’s “chief word cruncher.” No doubt she’ll be editor of The New York Times someday.

File this one under: give me a fucking break.

Posted by Haley