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As a dual citizen who has lived mostly out of the US, I never really understood how important one’s political beliefs in America was until I started living here in 2011. Once I started dating a hardcore republican, the two of us began to bicker and banter over every single controversial topic and yet, I never really admitted to belonging to one party or another. Hearing people label themselves as “socially liberal/conservative” but “fiscally conservative/liberal” is when it really started to get confusing, and that’s when I gave up on trying to find out which party I belonged to.

Then, TIME magazine shared this quiz, which indicates one’s political affiliation based on his/her taste buds. Obviously, choosing to eat a veggie burger over a hamburger doesn’t mean you’re definitely voting for Hillary. But I found this to be a fun/lighthearted way to bring up politics without wanting to bite each other’s heads off.

As a bonus, I finally understand now why people make such a big fuss about where presidential candidates eat and where they order frequently from – it’s to confirm that they truly share the same values as their voters! Kidding. I think!













Image source Time Magazine


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