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Bite Me

Bite Me

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I love summertime and all things synonymous with the humid, lazy luxuriousness that the season offers – stoop sitting, sunbathing, day drinking, summer Fridays, beach trips and vacation. But such is the way of the world, young grasshoppers, that with all wonderful things, come the less wonderful things. And what, you ask, could possibly be so horrible as to even the scales of so wonderful a season? One word: MOSQUITOES. Yes, you might be rolling your eyes right now reading this, “They’re not that bad!” You say assuredly a small price to pay for the long days of summer. Well that, my friend, is because you are not one of the ones they have been gorging themselves on for the past three months. Since childhood, I have been keenly aware of the little suckers – whether it’s our fair skin or overall genetic disposition (thanks mom), the women in our family sport mosquito WELTS similar in appearance to the result of being pelted with a 100 mph baseball pitch. Hideous, hot and oh-so-horribly itchy.

You name it and we’ve tried it; citronella candles (gag), zappers (is it just me or do these attract even more bugs), balms (sticky), smelly sprays (toxic) and have even gone so far as to attend outdoor soirees in outfits you only see on Vatican tourists (dripping with sweat). So what’s a girl to do to fend off these fierce little foes whilst enjoying a cold glass of pinot on her porch? Finally, there’s an app for that!

Let me introduce you to what Vogue has deemed “Better than your mother’s homemade mosquito-bite remedies” and currently a top 10 app in over 56 countries: the Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller App. Huzzah and rejoice! Little %$#&*^3s beware! Finally I can ditch the toxic smelling salves and nunnery-inspired couture with just a few taps on my trusty iPhone. The app emits a high frequency pitch that mosquitoes apparently find quite distasteful (causing these little bugs annoyance brings me deep, unadulterated glee) and is not audible to humans. Only drawback? Your poor pup might go a bit berserk, but going welt-free all summer sounds like a worthy trade for a confused canine if you ask me. Pile on the treats for Fido and relish in your newfound bite-free freedom!

Posted by Jenna