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BK Stands Up To Bullying, But Would You?

BK Stands Up To Bullying, But Would You?

Based off of Burger King’s most recent advertisement, the answer to that question is no. No, most people wouldn’t (and didn’t) stand up to a high school bully.

These past few weeks, Burger King has really caught my eye in the marketing world. Coming a long way from one of their most sexist, tasteless ads, Burger King has really turned the marketing corner. Just recently, they debuted a thought-provoking, innovative video that directly addresses one of the country’s biggest on-going problems: bullying.

Source: Burger King Youtube Channel

As seen in the video, Burger King shows real-life footage of people’s reactions after watching a high school student be bullied in comparison to having their whopper be “bullied”. Though some people may argue that this campaign is comparing apples to oranges, the statistics never lie: 95% of people reported the bullied sandwich and only 12% of people stood up for the bullied student.

It’s easy to think that you would report a bully, but it was also clearly easier for those 95% percent of customers to report the whopper instead. So thank you, Burger King Creative Team, for producing a powerful video that really drives the bullying message home, a valuable reminder to us all.

Posted By Olivia