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Black Mass

Black Mass

Can we talk about Black Mass for a hot second?  I’m all for shoot ‘em up gangster films but the trailer for this one really got to me when it came out recently.  First of all, why am I into “shoot ‘em up gangster films” in the first place?  Same goes with the rest of the human population?  Why do we feel the need to glorify the villians through these billion-dollar movie productions?  Granted they’re showing the gore, the crime and all the bad stuff that happened in/because of these people’s lives, but don’t you think by making such a show out of it (as opposed to a strict documentary) it ups the cool factor?  Does society really need to do this to make money?  And why do we let them?  Do we get some sick pleasure out of the whole thing, out of watching life from the bad guy’s perspective?

The answer, depressing as it is, is yes.  And of course, I’m going to share the video with you.. Take a look, decide for yourself.  Maybe we shouldn’t hype up movies that are just telling the story of the bad guys. Oh well, here I go watching the trailer again…



Posted by Danielle