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Blanket Coats….formally known as the Snuggie

Blanket Coats….formally known as the Snuggie

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I’m pretty much a sucker for fashion trends. While I try to keep the essential classic items in my wardrobe, you’ll also find the sneaker wedge, a lot of faux fur, double-fingered rings and an assortment of other fleeting “must-haves” from the past few years. However, there are times when I simply have to put my foot down.

A recent example I’ve been seeing this fall is the Blanket Coat….seen here on SJP in a monogrammed Burberry rendition.

Now I know ponchos have been on the map for ages (and they’re great), but these daper duvets are too much. I just can’t get into the idea of draping a blanket across my shoulders and calling it couture! Mostly I’m drawing a (slightly unreasonable) parallel to a ridiculous trend from about six years ago. Do we all remember that infomercial sensation that had people in stitches? That’s right, I’m talking about the infamously celebrated Snuggie.













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Oh yes, the Snuggie. The wearable blanket. Looks like it’s back and, this time, it’s got some A-list endorsers.

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