Bye-Bye Bad Bananas!

Bananas are one of the most common fruits in the entire world. But, whether you like them still green, perfectly ripe, or a little bit brown, we all can probably agree that the buying process is frustrating. No matter what type or how many you buy, you can never finish them by the time they get too ripe for anyone’s taste. You tell yourself that maybe you will make that cute Pinterest recipe you’ve been dying to try with what’s left over, but let’s be honest, Netflix is usually more important.

Video Source: Natural Cures via YouTube

So, to help solve that problem, Korean grocery chain E-Mart has come up with the “Hana Hanana Banana” package. What is this adorably named package exactly? Well, according to E-Mart, each package contains bananas at all different levels of ripeness, so that you have a perfectly fresh banana for every day of the week. Such a simple, but smart idea. It leaves me wondering “why wasn’t this created sooner?!”

Image Source: Insider

While the “One a Day Banana” pack is currently only available in Korea, it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way over to us (it would be bananas for it not to, right?!).

Posted by Madison

Love is All You Need

We all need a little love in this world, and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats is making no exception.

On top of offering sweet and sticky marshmallow goodness, the beloved snack brand is now offering inclusion and accessibility with the launch of their “Love Notes.” Last year, Rice Krispies Treats designed wrappers with a blank white space on the back for parents to write encouraging notes to their children. Now, the brand has partnered with the National Federation of the Blind to release packaging that caters solely to visually impaired children. With stickers of pre-written messages like “you got this” and “you’re a star” in braille and an innovative audio box for parents to record a message (that also perfectly holds a Rice Krispies Treats square), blind children can experience the wonder and surprise of opening their lunchbox and seeing a note from mom or dad.

Video Source: Rice Krispies Treats via YouTube 

Image Source: Rice Krispies Treats

According to Kellogg’s, “With over 62,000 blind and low-vision children in schools across the United States, we realized not every child is able to see these written notes… This year, love and support will be more accessible.”

That’s really all we need in this world. No matter how big or small, any step towards inclusivity is an important one.

Rice Krispies Treats – we applaud you!

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Calling All Puparazzi To The Frenchie Pop-Up Café

Don’t tell my dog, Bailey, this: my favorite dog breed is actually a French bulldog, not a Pembroke Welsh corgi. While I love Bailey and her stumpy corgi legs and her plump corgi butt, there’s something about Frenchies that speaks to me. Maybe it’s their squished faces and big ears, or maybe it’s their little potbellies when they’re puppies. Either way, I’m not alone in my adoration of the Frenchie, which was ranked the fourth most popular dog breed in the U.S. in 2017.

My fellow Frenchie fanatics and I will get a chance to share our love of French bulldogs over a cup of coffee at a pop-up (or should I say, “pup-up?”) when Frenchie Café opens next month. While, unfortunately a visit to the café will require a transatlantic flight for me, if you happen to be in London, you can book a 70-minute visit at the café to spend some quality time with some adorable four-legged friends.

Image Source: Pug Café

In addition to admission to the café, the £15 entry fee includes a bag of doggy treats, so you can bribe a Frenchie to be your friend. If you have a Frenchie of your own that you plan to bring to the café, your entry fee goes down to £10 and you’ll get a pupuccino and pupcorn to feed your French pupper. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of cakes, coffee and cocktails on the menu for humans, too!

Judging by the success of the organizer’s previous pop-up concept, Pug Café, I’m sure the Frenchie Café will be nothing short of pawsome!

Posted by Sylvie

HGTV For The Win

You may have heard that the home of everyone’s favorite family recently went on the market. The Brady Bunch house, one that’s easily recognizable by people of all ages, was sure to be a hot commodity after being listed for the “first time in nearly half a century,” but the bidding battle for the next owner recently got a little heated.

Image Source: NPR

*NSYNC’s Lance Bass placed a generous offer on the home and was told he had the top bid.. until he found out he was out-bid by the one and only HGTV. Tough blow. Thrilled by the win, HGTV shared a promotional video on its Twitter, teasing an upcoming project and announcing more clues and details would be coming soon. Bass also took to Twitter, in his case to express his disappointment in the way the bidding war was handled.

TBD on what exactly HGTV has in store for the famous Brady Bunch house, but the channel hasn’t done us wrong yet, so we’ll be waiting to see what’s around the corner!

Posted by Victoria

Hollywood is 25 Years Too Late

Image Source: 

Notice anything different about the above film premiere photo? Well, you should, because there hasn’t been an American film premiere photo like this in a quarter of a century: Crazy Rich Asians is the first all-Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club in 1993. Crazy Rich Asians is classic rom-com, “middle class girl meets Prince Charming, doesn’t know he’s a prince yet,” but the all-Asian cast upgrades the trope to be a hopeful catalyst for change in Hollywood. The pressure is on Crazy Rich Asians, as according to the New York Times and director of the movie Jon M. Chu, “If we make a decent showing on that first weekend, there are like six Asian-American lead movies set up at different studios.”

Image Source: Instagram via @henrygolding

While I will be honest and say that I wasn’t a huge fan of the book (interesting, but not good), I am excited for this movie and have high hopes. I didn’t realize how bored I was of the same white-washed story line until I found myself checking the international section of Netflix every time I logged on (K-dramas are amazing). Plus, Henry Golding is a babe/Hollywood hunk in the making. In sum, Hollywood – why didn’t you do this sooner?

Posted by Giana

The Years Fly By

In the event that you’re ever feeling sluggish, tired or old – I suggest you continue reading:

Stu Williamson recently celebrated his 100th birthday by doing what most centenarians do – he went skydiving. Normal, right? And what did he have to say for himself after the jump? Well, he’s counting down the days until he can do it again!

Image Source: msn

Stu says his new life mission is simple – to skydive next year on his 101st birthday and become the world’s oldest skydiver. He would love nothing more than to steal the title from Bryson William Verdun Hayes, who currently resides in the Guinness World Records for performing a parachute jump last year at 101 years old.

Calling this newfound goal “his reason to live,” Stu went on to share some wise advice to all the young bucks out there. He stressed the importance of staying physically fit, which he does for 45 minutes at least three times a week…

Feeling lazy yet?

While the physical aspect is certainly important, Stu didn’t forget to mention a few other tactics for living to see 100 – single malt whiskey and a good sense of humor also made his list of must-haves.

If you needed a little motivation this week, this should do the trick!

Posted by Carolyn

Keepin’ It Real

While Hilary Duff may be most widely known from her Lizzie McGuire days, she’s still America’s reigning celeb in my eyes (Younger, anyone?). What makes her even cooler? That she absolutely has no problem being real with her fans.

Last month, Duff revealed she is expecting her second child with boyfriend Matthew Koma. While she looked absolutely STUNNING (bowling shoes and all), she has since gotten down and dirty about how pregnancy has changed her life.

Image Source: Instagram via @hilaryduff

Alongside a super vulnerable photo of the actress, Duff simply wrote that pregnancy is “hard as hell” and that she is also “sick of getting up 9 times a night to pee and looking at this weird body in the mirror that is not my own at the moment.” She continues, “this was just a note to remind myself and remind others how strong and beautiful you are! WE GOT THIS!”

Image Source: Instagram via @hilaryduff

Because she is a QUEEN, she of course received a belly full of praise (see what I did there?), with followers thanking her for the post and commenting uplifting messages to fellow female followers. It just goes to show that being upfront and honest, no matter your level of fame, is what it’s all about.

Keep spreading the positivity, Hil!

Posted by Katie 

Sweat(lag) It Out

I don’t know about you, but whether I fly two hours or eight, I’m always jetlagged by the time I land. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total grump when I don’t get enough sleep, and it’s definitely put a damper on a few vacas. Typically when traveling I just sleep in cabs, restaurants, clubs – you name it – but apparently there’s a healthier way to do this whole travel thin — sweating it out or as Delta and Equinox say, “Sweatlag.”

Image Source:

As Wieden + Kennedy New York, the brainchild behind a recent campaign for Delta and Equinox say, “…exercise keeps (jet lag) away on the ground by helping with time-change adjustments and speeding up the return to normal circadian rhythms.”

To me, jetlag feels like a cruel hangover, so all I can think of when I hear “Sweatlag” is the generous eyeroll that I give to any friend who tells me that they “sweat out their hangovers.” I’ve tried it, and instead of spinning on the bike, my head spins until I smoothly slide ride off the bike, onto the floor. Okay, it only happened once, but NEVER AGAIN.

Needless to say, I’m skeptical of this whole Sweatlag “recovery” workout. Aside from the logistics, I do find the whole promotion pretty genius from a PR perspective. I now know that Delta has a new plane with features that help prevent jetlag, like better cab pressurization and larger windows. Though, they must not work too well if you still have to go sweat it out afterwards, but at least you get a free class at Equinox when you land, because that’s the first thing I want to do on vacation…

Check out the campaign’s Rocky-esq vid below:

Personally, I’m not into t00k  on vaca thing unless it means getting too much sun by the beach and my daquiri isn’t keeping me cool….buttt if you’re into that thing, check out a “Sweatlag” class and move ya leggies.

Posted by Christina B.

Ready to Nail Mercury’s Retrograde

Every few months, I get an ominous warning from my friend Kate of bad things to come because Mercury is in retrograde. I have to admit that I didn’t even know what it meant that Mercury was in retrograde until a few years ago when I finally Googled it after one of Kate’s planetary alerts. And even after that, I was a bit skeptical that it really did anything to affect me.

But with Mercury’s latest retrograde, I have noticed that things have definitely been on the fritz. Mercury is the god of communication, travel, technology and intellectual thoughts. So when Mercury is in reverse motion, these things are also in reverse. Maybe that explains why the MBTA has been a nightmare lately and technology has not been on my side…

To help get us through Mercury in retrograde, Essie released a new collection that features celestial shades. “Keep Calm…” and “…& Mercury On” remind us that Mercury’s retrograde will only last a couple of weeks and we hopefully will come out on the other side unscathed and with pretty, shimmery nails to boot!

Image source: Essie Twitter

Slick a few coats on your nails, so when things start to go to sh*t, you can look at your manicure, take a deep breath and carry on.

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Lebron James has done it again – and no, I’m not talking about his recent move to the Lakers or his (many) basketball accolades. The well-known philanthropist is giving back to the community yet again, this time right in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Image Source: Instagram via @kingjames 

James just announced the opening of his new $8 million public school for at-risk children: the I Promise School. Missing 83 days of fourth grade himself, Lebron overcame significant adversity to get where he is today (a fact many people are not aware of).

The public school is launching with 240 students across the third and fourth grades, but plans to have first through eighth grades by 2022. Students that are academically behind their peers by one or two years will be randomly selected to attend the school. According to, the “out-of-the-box offerings include a long school day (eight hours); a “support circle” for students after lunch; and GED courses and job placement for parents. All are driven by James’ mission to help kids overcome what he faced as a low-income student in Akron.”

But James doesn’t stop there! The I Promise School has an extended school year, July through May, provides STEM-based camps for students during the seven-week summer session, and offers free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks and access to a fitness trainer. Last (but not least!), James has promised to pay any student’s full tuition to a local public college after he or she makes it through the I Promise School and graduates high school.

Though people may have differing opinions about Lebron on the basketball court, there’s no denying the MAJOR impact that this school will have on thousands of children who would likely not have had access to a supportive education system, and, not to mention, the limitless opportunities that lay ahead.

Posted by Olivia

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