Living Off the Grid Can Be More Glamourous Than You Think

Image Source: Ecocapsule

Ever felt compelled to live more simply or go off the grid for a while? I’m fairly certain we all have at one point in our lives. Watching hour upon hour of “Tiny House Hunters” or “Tiny House, Big Living” is easily one of my favorite things to on a cozy weekend in. Sometimes I just think the people on the show are crazy (claustrophobia, much?!) and sometimes I imagine myself living the simple life in a tiny abode on the side of a mountain.

When I discovered that a Slovak company called NICE & WISE is launching Ecocapsule, a self-sustainable micro home, my thoughts about living the tiny house life went from daydreams to a more attainable reality. The “pods” are powered by solar and wind (if there happens to be no sun or wind it can power for four days), and it collects rainwater and filters it into drinking water. The 120 square foot Ecocapsules include plenty of storage space, a couch that folds into a double bed, an area for a workstation, a waterless toilet system (don’t really wanna know how this works) and a small kitchen area. Basically, all you need to live that #goodlife.

The best part is, it can go pretty much anywhere (as long as you have permission from the landowner) and doesn’t require a building permit.

If I haven’t sold you yet, check out the website to see all the amenities. For us Americans, they start at around $98k, excluding the cost to ship it here. Only 50 are being made this year, and then the company guarantees a lower price in the future. So, basically, this could be a very real thing that many people may own one day.

Here is to a sustainable, simple future!

Posted by Erin D.

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Runway Nails

I used to paint my nails every week – it was my Sunday evening activity. After I’d finished my chores, I’d tuck into bed with a big glass of wine and pick my color du jour. Now, living with my boyfriend, I have less “me” time, and my weekly nail routine was the first thing that flew out the window. Because I hate nothing more than chipped nail polish, my go-to now is au naturale.

However, I miss those days of decorated nails – perhaps I just need some new inspiration. Well, this year’s New York Fashion Week gave me plenty of ideas. Here are some highlights:

Gypsy Sport – Black & White

Libertine – Fringe for Days

Chromat – Bungee Cord Chic

For more totally bada** nail art from this year’s New York Fashion Week, check out this article on

Posted by Kat

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Queer Eye(s Full of Tears)

Do you remember the TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?” It ran from 2003 to 2007. If not, I understand; 2007 was the year the iPhone debuted, and the year Paris Hilton went to jail for 23 days… (You’re welcome for the helpful refresher—& yes, that’s all you need to know). Anyway, there’s a reboot thanks to Netflix! The show is called “Queer Eye,” and it is a MUST SEE. Not only did I binge watch the entire season in one day (I have one friend), but I was also deeply moved.

The show follows the “Fab 5”: an eclectic group of energetic, caring and talented gay men, as they fully change the lives of more ‘conservative’ and ‘clumsy’ southern men. Each of the Fab 5 have a specialty: design, personal grooming, fashion, food/diet, and culture. They completely raid their closets, their houses, and their souls!

Image Source: Vulture via Netflix

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” stands out from its predecessor, because it strives to dig a little deeper. The male subjects of each episode are very different from the Fab 5, but topics of political controversy are not swept under the rug. From coming out, to religion, and even the Black Lives Matter movement— the show gets real. The conversations and experiences end up being an eye-opening opportunity for everyone involved, and everyone watching. Thanks to this show, many can gain a perspective on conversations that are for, whatever reason (geographic location, social environment, etc.), otherwise not available to them — and that is a powerful thing. Sometimes, having an open conversation with an open heart is all it takes to make a little progress.

Mind you, while this is all happening they are still teaching these men to eat less butter and shop at H&M. It’s a very well-rounded show; I laughed, I cried— and I truly learned a lot.

The Fab 5 are seriously fabulous. GO WATCH THIS SHOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Posted by Lexie 

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All The Single Ladies

Being single on Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Single’s Awareness Day, might seem like the biggest downer. But if you are single, I offer you my congratulations now – not just for surviving Valentine’s Day (even if you might’ve been sobbing into a carton of Ben & Jerry’s about your single state), but because singleness is actually something to celebrate. Science shows that being single has health benefits.

Image Source: Giphy

For starters, single people tend to be more fit, having lower BMIs and weighing five pounds less on average than married people. Researchers also found that single people worked out more frequently each week than their married peers.

Additionally, singleness can increase creativity and productivity, contributing to greater personal growth than married people. Being single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely – it can mean feeling more independent and having more time to get to know and develop yourself as an individual.

Lastly, single people are more likely to provide and receive help from their social networks than married people, showing a tendency for singles to have stronger social connections. And studies have shown that friendships are important to aging well and increasing happiness – so single people with strong friendships are likely to be healthier and happier.

So, single friends, put your hands up and embrace your singledom!

Posted by Sylvie

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Thanks to every fashion blogger and model you follow on Instagram, you probably know that NYFW just happened. The shows and parties and dinners tend to all blend together, which is why Diesel’s NYFW stunt stood out – they opened up a pop-up shop on Canal St.

You may be thinking… so what? But, they didn’t just open your typical pop-up. New York City’s Canal St. is known for being on the grittier side, and the best place to hawk designer knock-offs. So Diesel made itself a temporary home on Canal St. and opened up a deceptive pop-up, which was presented to look like a knock-off Diesel store with neon signage, and even the Diesel brand name spelled incorrectly.

Image Source: AdWeek

The shop was only open for two days, and once Diesel made it known to the public that the knock off store was in fact very legit and very limited edition, the lines were down the street. Reportedly, a sweatshirt with the misspelled “Deisel” logo that was priced at $60 was later resold for $500. Talk about turning a profit! Gucci Mane seemed to be fan, and Diesel stood out from the Fashion Week crowd.

Image Source: @laflare1017 on Instagram

Posted by Giana

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No Boys Allowed

If you’ve walked through the marlo office before, you’ve probably noticed that women dominate the place.







Image Source:

Now any woman looking to get away from the lads can take a trip to SuperShe island. Inspired by founder Kristina Roth’s vacation in California, SuperShe is a substance-free zone to focus on health and wellness, away from any hormone-inducing distractions.

Opening this June, the stays on SuperShe island are all-inclusive and start at $3.5k a week. However, there’s a catch. Ladies must apply for a membership ahead of time. And this isn’t just a fill-in-the-blanks-and-you’re-accepted type of resort. The process includes an interview with the founder before she decides if a potential guest meets the criteria.

Interested in applying – maybe a bad break up or an annoying male boss? Female readers can do so here.









Image Source

Posted by Christina V.

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From Disney Star to Youngest Master Brewer in the United States








Image Source: The Odyssey Online

Who remembers The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the Disney show set at the “Tipton” hotel in Boston? (20-somethings, raise your hand!) Well, Zack and Cody, known IRL as Dylan and Cole Sprouse, have branched out in different directions. Cole stars in the new show, Riverdale, based off of the Archie comics while Dylan is… the youngest master brewer in the United States – man bun and all!













Image Source: Instagram @allwisemeadery

Yup, you heard right! Dylan is set to open his own meadery at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this year. (If you don’t know what a meadery is you didn’t pay attention in school when you read Beowulf!) The mead hall’s Instagram page already has 100k followers and describes itself as a “heathen-owned” enterprise. On the feed, you’ll find Dylan and his long hair in all its glory, his adorable English Bull Dog and some less-appealing things, such as fish on a stick. From starring on the Disney channel to a brewery owner in Brooklyn, I think we can consider this a #GlowUp.

Personally, I know I’ll be making the trip out next time I’m in the city.

Posted by Giana

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We Should All Aspire to Be Like Drake

For those who have yet to see it, a video went viral late last year of world-famous rapper Drake calling out a man in the crowd for groping women. The move was met with praise both from the audience and on social media, as recent discussions of sexual harassment remain extremely prevalent.

As if we needed another reason to love Drake, the rapper recently swung by a Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami and offered to pay for every shoppers’ groceries, dropping around $50,000 in total.

According to E! News, Drake announced via megaphone that he promised to cover everyone’s groceries in the store and proceeded to pose with some very surprised and excited fans.


















Image Source: Instagram, Instagram

His good deeds didn’t stop there, either. The singer also stopped by the Lotus House Women’s Shelter in Miami with a $50,000 check.

Sure, he has the money. But to set any example of giving back in this time of need is HUGE. is HUGE.

Never change, Drake!

Posted by Katie

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Positively Vulnerable

Like many people in this world, I was raised with “tough love” (or “Irish love” as my father would say). While I never doubted my parents’ love for me, it wasn’t exactly communicated through hugs and rainbows. Some of you may be saying “poor girl,” but you’re wrong.

My parents’ “tough love” taught me that when life throws us curveballs, we don’t cry and ask for pity, rather we put a smile on our face, remember how fortunate we are, and we go out into the world with confidence. I attribute this to my success as an adult and can’t imagine who I would be if I was not raised to become this person.

While this upbringing led me to become an independent woman, it also taught me that vulnerability is associated with weakness.

Recently, in an example to encourage her employees to practice vulnerability, our fearless leader (MF) read a heart-breaking story of friendship, loss and the importance of embracing every moment that we have with each other. Choked up, with tears in her eyes, I thought of myself in her shoes and my heart began to race. Why would she put herself in this position? Marlo’s one of the toughest, strongest women that I know. Why would she make herself so….vulnerable?

Halfway through the story my palms stopped sweating, heart beat slowed down, and I finally understood why she let her guard down. Marlo not only shared a story, but also allowed us to connect with her on a deeper level than ever before.

After countless years of half-hearted relationships, I recently met a man who pushed me to let my guard down. Our first few months of dating weren’t like anything I’ve ever experienced. He didn’t just want to know the person that the rest of the world saw, he wanted to know me on a deeper, raw level and that scared the sh#t out of me. While there were countless panic attacks and tears, I was able to share with him things I’ve never shared with anyone. While I often associate my vulnerability in this relationship with fear, it was only after hearing Marlo’s “lesson” that I realized that my vulnerability is actually what makes it such a strong relationship.

I then realized that my fear of vulnerability has held me back from so much. If I can be vulnerable with the person who has the potential to hurt me the most, imagine the relationships that I could build if I was just a little bit more vulnerable with friends, coworkers and family.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Neil Blumenthal. Through being vulnerable, Neil became a co-founder of Warby Parker (you know that super successful eyewear company), but didn’t stop there, he continued to pay it forward and developed a business model where for every pair sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.













Image Source: Thrive Instagram

It takes a lot of guts to let our guards down, and many times we will get hurt, but that doesn’t mean that we put our guards back up. It means that we grow stronger. We persevere until we are so confident in ourselves that no one can hurt us, and once we start becoming our raw selves, we can knock down walls and build a world where we work together towards common goals, simply by putting ourselves out there.

Posted by Christina B.

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Finally, Chips for Females! 

Indra Nooyi: The Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, recently discussed the possibility of Doritos creating a female version of their well-known chips. She explained on a Freakonomics podcast that these feminine chips would have less flavor dust, a smaller crunch, and would be in a ‘purse friendly’ bag. As you can imagine, twitter went crazy.




























Image source: Twitter

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we need to categorize our food by gender. First, sure, the flavor dust is a little annoying, but don’t most people of any gender have the guilty pleasure of licking their fingers afterwards? Second, I don’t think I have ever eaten a chip in my life and said to myself, “Wow, I wish this crunch was just a little bit quieter.” And third, I don’t carry a purse. Can you keep a secret? Not all women do.  Although if I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a petite bag of bland/soft Doritos in it…

Maybe there is a percentage of women out there who would find these chips perfect for them, and that’s okay! But, products and concepts like these greatly contribute to a much larger problem, as the world has recently started to finally acknowledge.

Shame on you Doritos… you used to be a fan favorite.

Posted by Lexie Bowman

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