Not All Heroes Wear Uniforms

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Growing up I was (and still am) super close to my cousins, especially my cousin Derek. At 18 he enlisted in the Marines and the next thing I knew, he called me to let me know he was going on a “vacation to a beautiful tropical place… called Afghanistan.”

He always made light of the situation, whether it be another four years in the Middle East or a last minute “all-inclusive trip to Iran!” duty called and the last thing he wanted was for his friends and family to worry while he was out protecting us.

While I always admired his bravery, I constantly had his mother and girlfriend on my mind. My Aunt Karen gave the biggest sacrifice a mother can give, her first born son. No matter the situation, over the course of his eight-year “vacation” she and his girlfriend only showed pride, never fear.

Derek has since returned home, but many of his friends are still serving. A few weeks ago, I watched one of Derek’s friend’s wives Facetime her husband with their baby in her arms. While her husband was able to fly home just in time for the birth of his son, less than 24 hours later he had to return to duty and hasn’t held his child since.

As I watched the baby’s face light up when he saw his father’s face on the other end of the screen, I couldn’t help but tear up. While Derek and his friends are an amazing support system to all the wives, this woman is essentially raising a baby by herself while her husband is overseas, yet she did not show one sign of distress or fatigue.

While I’m still figuring out what I can do to help, it’s always refreshing seeing big corporations help start the conversation. Recently, LinkedIn uncovered that the average military family moves to a new installation every two to three years, leaving around 220,000 military spouses economically displaced every year. Just let that sit for a minute.

In an effort to better the situation, they’re offering free premium memberships, including access to more than 12,000 “LinkedIn Learning” courses which, according to this Adweek article, help military spouses “succeed in flexible, freelance or remote work opportunities.”

It’s about time we start recognizing this group of heroes and bettering their lives while they’re giving the ultimate sacrifice to better ours. Hats off to you LinkedIn, may others follow suit.

Posted by Christina B.

Reason #158 Why I Love Costco

While we haven’t yet had four consecutive days of 80+ degree weather, I frequently catch myself daydreaming about coming weekends that involve laying by the pool, frozen cocktail in hand and doing absolutely nada.

Lucky for me, Costco announced that boozy 100-Calorie Vodka Popsicles Are BACK! Whhhhaattttt?!?! Slim Chillers have officially hit shelves, available in four flavors: Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade (my FAV), Appletini and Lemon Drop.

Image Source: SlimChillers Instagram

So move over, frozen veggies, these pops are boozy (8% ABV) and low-cal (100 calories in each pop) and will occupy all the room in my freezer until Labor Day weekend. Mama Nature, bring on warm stretch!!

Happy lounging!

Posted by Cait

The World’s Most Boring Billboard

When it comes to billboards, most would expect companies to go for exciting, out-of-the box, eye-catching ideas and images. After all, in order to stand out amongst the competition, it’s important to instantly grab the attention of passersby. Sioo:X, a wood protection company based in Sweden, took a different approach by creating “the world’s most boring billboard.”

For the new billboard, Sioo:X’s own CEO donated some treated boards from his personal patio. With a specific goal in mind of showing customers how durable their products are, they sacrificed the flashy display and kept it simple with their “boring” billboard made of their own treated wood products.

Image Source: Sioo:X/Adweek

Though the billboard might not be flashy, it certainly gets the company’s vision across and demonstrates a unique, long-lasting approach to advertising. We’ll check back in with you in 2030, Sioo:X.

Posted by Victoria

Bold Lip with a Bold Meaning

In the past few years, it seems people have been getting more and more involved in social justice movements. Now, because of the awesome folks at The Lipstick Lobby, you can even engage in these movements just by rocking a bold new statement lip!

Image Source: The Lipstick Lobby

Each shade of lipstick is sold for a different cause. The Planned Parenthood shade is called “Kiss My Pink” and the ACLU’s is a deep red called “Outrage” (a hue so popular that it sold out!). Everybody is loving “lipsticking it to the man” as they say!

Most recently, The Lipstick Lobby released a shade called “Fired Up” for which 100% of the net profits will go to The Brady Center to prevent gun violence, an issue that has been especially prevalent in the news lately. It has gotten a powerful response, with some teachers in Parkland wearing the lipstick to the recent high school graduation.

People around the country are participating in the movement too by posting their bold new looks on social media. It seems The Lipstick Lobby has truly found a way to let people put their money where their mouth is!

Posted by Cecelia

Time to Get Fin Fit

It’s not too late to work on your summer bod – especially if your idea of a summer bod is a mermaid bod. That’s right – the mermaid trend that you’ve seen everywhere (teal-colored mermaid hair, mermaid eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes, mermaid-tail blankets, fish-scale print skirts, etc.) is now taking over your workout routine.

If you’re ready to begin your mermaid makeover, head over to YouTube for a free eight-week series created by Fin Fun Mermaid and USA Swimming-certified coach Christine Dustin. “Mermaiding” is a full-body workout that really targets your core, since you have to roll your body in a dolphin kick to propel forward, but it also works your arms and legs. The workout videos demonstrate the techniques for different types of dolphin kicks (Did you know there were multiple kinds? I didn’t.) and form a progressive plan for your total transformation into a graceful mermaid.

Image Source: Fin Fun Mermaid

As you get more advanced with your mermaiding, you can make the transformation official and slip into a swimmable mermaid tail for your laps. Fin Fun Mermaids makes mermaid tails for kids and adults alike in majestic designs such as “Sapphire Peacock,” “Razzle Dazzle,” and “Malibu Pink” that are all sure to make a splash. Sadly, you’ll have to find your own trusty crustacean and fish sidekicks, as Flounder and Sebastian are not included.

Posted by Sylvie 

“I Do” Want Pepperoni

While I love pizza, some people take this love too far. Case in point: you can now get married with a pizza bouquet.

Image Source: Villa Italian Kitchen Facebook

Yes, you heard me right. Villa Italian Kitchen, a restaurant group with more than 300 locations across the country, has introduced a pizza bouquet and boutonniere wedding giveaway. Now, pizza-loving couples across the country can enter a contest to receive a custom bouquet/boutonniere set for their big day. Designed by NYC-based food stylist Jessie Bearden, the combos are made with “freshly prepared pizza dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh California tomatoes and zesty pepperoni” – sounds greasy!

If you’re lucky hungry enough to win, make sure you make it down the aisle before taking a bite out of your bouquet!

Posted by Kat

Nailed it!

When it comes to prim and prop-ping, I dip below the “low maintenance” scale. As much as I’d love to be one of those girls with perfectly manicured nails at all times, I’m flat out lazy. I also don’t get the point of getting my nails done when they’re going to chip halfway between the dryer and the door out, but that’s just me…

I ultimately resort to slabbing on some cheap polish and calling it a day.

Last week I was perusing Instagram and a repost from Restore____. on @blankboxnyc’s page caught my attention. I clicked on the website in their bio and read, Where painting your nails means something for others. Okay, okay, tell me more…

Turns out that, like Birchbox, Ipsy, etc., this monthly subscription sends beauty products (specifically nail polish) to your door – but it’s a two-fer! Not only do you feel good by taking the time to slab on some pretty polish, but you can do so knowing that your subscription gives back to women in need. Each month a portion of the subscription fee is donated to women-related causes, some of which have included The Body Positive, a21 and The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita.

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Subscriptions start at $18/month, which, sure, is a lil steep for nail polish, but if you look at it as a monthly donation/feeling like a good person without having to put in any work, then it’s well worth the sign-up. Even better? All polish is seven free (they don’t contain seven harmful chemicals typically found in nail polish), vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA. Idk about you, but I’ve got the warm and fuzzies already.

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Supporting women has never looked so good!

Posted by Christina B.

Sippin’ on Gin and Juice….and MORE Gin and Juice

Do you ever get home from a realllly long day and crave a nice, tall glass of “adult” juice? If you said yes (ahem, who didn’t?) – then you are not alone! Snoop Dogg is right there with you, except he’s mixing his juice with a lil’ splash of gin. Or, I guess, a rather large splash of gin – totaling 180 bottles worth!

Image Source: Food & Wine

~Just~ 25 years following his 1993 Gin And Juice hit, Snoop Doog decided to do a lot less sippin’ and a whole lot more mixin’. In case you can’t tell from the photo, Snoop’s unapologetic smirk while stirring a 550-liter cocktail stems from the pure joy of setting one of the newest Guinness World Records: Largest Paradise Cocktail.

Per Food & Wine, this accolade was certainly a team effort at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival, as Snoop set the record with a group of people, most notably Warren G and Michael Voltaggio, former Top Chef winner.

Though I may never come close to creating a cocktail as big as Snoop’s, that doesn’t mean it’s something I can’t aspire to do! Boston doesn’t have happy hour – but I sure could make the last hour of work ‘happy’ with this concoction!

What do ya think, Marlo?! Can you say #KitchenKocktails? Just need to find a big enough glass….

Posted by Olivia

Not Your Average Subway Smell

I’m all for this warmer weather Boston is FINALLY experiencing. However, and let’s be honest, who’s ready for the weird T/subway smells that come with little to no AC during the summer?

That’s why I’m jealous of the Londoners who get to experience Beefeater Gin’s new ad campaign. To promote the launch of its Beefeater Pink line (which is infused with strawberry, citrus and gin’s classic juniper flavor), parent-company Pernod Ricard U.K. recently installed strawberry-scented posters in the underground Oxford Circus station. For those asking, “how can this be done?” the scented posters were made with a new screenprinting process that infuses scented ink onto a dry posted poster.

Image Source: ExterionMedia

The idea behind this two-week campaign was to target the brand’s millennial audience and have them fully experience in the product, not just visually, according to Philip Ainsworth, marketing director for Pernod Ricard U.K.

But does London’s busiest tube station really smell like strawberries? Press play below to find out! As an avid subway rider and someone who works in PR/marketing, I’m a fan of anything that can help improve subway smells and creatively inspire riders to enjoy a new product!

Video Source: The Drum

Posted by Christina V.

Revlon’s Newest Makeover

A company that has been at the forefront of women’s empowerment and progress, Revlon has made its next step in history by naming its first female CEO, Debra Perelman. With 2018 already setting the stage for empowering so many women, it is amazing to be able to celebrate yet another ambitious and dynamic woman running the show.

Since the launch of the company in the 1930’s, Revlon has made a conscious effort to move in unison with the times. Within the cosmetic industry, it is obvious to say that makeup and styles are constantly changing, however, so are the people that use the products! Revlon in particular has not only found safer ways to create their products, but utilized their stance within the beauty industry to inspire women in a male-dominated world.

For example, the 1970’s were a particularly promising time, in which feminism, gender equality, and sexual identity became the forefront of conversation among young voices. Thus, Revlon took this opportunity to mirror this progress by producing ads featuring women in work attire as well as creating perfumes that produced a sophisticated scent for women of all ages.

Image Source: Revlon

Fast forward to today and this trend is still extremely relevant. No longer are models simply skinny blonde-haired beauties, but woman of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Just within the past five years, Revlon has hired new talent, such as Dutch model Imaan Hammam and plus-size icon Ashley Graham, as they launched their newest beauty campaign, #LiveBoldly.

Now, in May of 2018, we celebrate yet another milestone for Revlon as they name Perelman as president and chief executive officer of the company. As a board member since 2015 and daughter of board chairman, Ronald O. Perelman, it is safe to say she was made for this job.

Perelman told Refinery29, “Beauty has emerged as one of today’s most dynamic and fastest-growing industries and I look forward to working with Revlon’s world-class team to amplify our strategy and accelerate growth.”

Revlon lovers can only hope that with her vast leadership experience, interest in innovation, and deep understanding of our society today, that Perelman will create more milestones in years to come.

Posted by Jacqueline 

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