Blowing Your Old Hangover Cure Out of the Water

We all know what it’s like to go a little harder than we hoped and wake up the next morning feeling like we’re at Death’s door. And, we all have our own tried and true “cures.” Some of the things the mm/c crew swears by:

  • Pickles (Abby)
  • Cheese (Heather)
  • Horchata from Anna’s Taqueria (Emily)
  • Hot Sauce and Ice Cream, not necessarily together but you never know! (Hannah)
  • “Drink more” (Sam)

One thing we may be replacing our amazingly unique hangover helpers with? Blowfish. No, I’m not talking taking a chance at paralysis and death with a bite of fugu. Instead I’m referring to the first-ever FDA-approved OTC drug specifically made to treat a hangover.

The two-tablet dose contains 1,000 mg of aspirin, 120 mg of caffeine, 816 mg of sodium, and 25.2 mg of phenylalanine (aka antacid), and when mixed into a glass of water becomes a fizzy lemon-flavored concoction that “packs the hangover-fighting power of two extra-strength aspirins, three espressos and a greasy breakfast.”

Sounds pretty fantastic—party like there’s no tomorrow, wake up wishing there wasn’t, and within 15-30 minutes feel as good as gold? If this stuff’s up to snuff, I’ll be among all the others sure to line up to get a supply, but it does seem a little too good to be true. Until I know for sure, I can’t abandon my bloody mary just yet.

Happy New Year’s people…you can thank me on Sunday morning!

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