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Boston’s BEST Blueberry Pancakes!

Boston’s BEST Blueberry Pancakes!

I love blueberry pancakes! Ever since I was a little girl and my mom would team up with Aunt Jemima, I’ve adored the taste of oh-so-yummy blueberry pancakes. You’d think that ordering blueberry pancakes for brunch at your favorite restaurant would ensure a mouth-watering experience, but sadly, that’s not always the case—delicious blueberry pancakes are hard to come by! As both a brunch lover and blueberry pancake lover, I’ve tested my fair share of griddlecakes, flapjacks, hotcakes, pancakes (whatever you want to call them). Here are the results of my pancake taste-testing…enjoy!

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe
Huge and scrumptious! These pancakes are loaded with warm blueberries that are bursting with flavor. The blueberries taste super fresh and really add an extra something to the batter. But beware: these pancakes are so thick, they give new meaning to the word fluffy!

Bakers’ Best
The menu not only has blueberry pancakes but…wait for it…also mixed berry pancakes! If you want to add a little variety to your brunch, the mixed berry pancakes are amazing (and, of course, the blueberry ones are too!).

Pour House
Blueberries on top and in the middle! These pancakes have an extra dose of anti-oxidants (and sugar) because they have real blueberries inside as well as a blueberry puree drizzled on top. For the health conscious, Pour House is more than happy to omit the puree to keep your breakfast a little bit less caloric.

The Paramount
If you don’t mind ordering at the counter for a more casual dining experience—I mean, we are talking about breakfast here, people—then it’s worth it to check out the blueberry pancakes at this Beacon Hill establishment. The blueberry pancakes here have been satisfying brunch-goers since 1937!! Fresh blueberries seal the deal.

Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant
The taste of the batter is what really makes these pancakes a winner in my book. The blueberries are tiny, but combined with Cabot’s flavorful pancake batter, the final product is great. My favorite part is that the pancakes are light and thin. Order the short stack unless you’re starving!

Did I miss any others? Speak up!

Posted by Alyssa