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Boozing and Brunching

Boozing and Brunching

For anybody who’s confused on the subject, brunch is designed to take care of your ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and to get sunny-side sauced before 5 o’clock. Locally speaking, good options abound, from Aquitaine Bis (boursin and bacon burger, yum!), to Stella (basically a gay tea dance), to a Reuben sandwich in Waban at Barry’s Deli. However, nothing is nicer than an afternoon at home with friends…a rich, cheesy frittata and toast, some strong coffee and of course, cocktails. I’ve recently gotten into a routine of Bombay gin and fresh grapefruit juice, however this past Sunday I headed to the juice aisle at Whole Foods to mix it up a bit, literally. A bottle of organic Sicilian Lemon Nectar caught my eye and immediately I was reminded of the French 75s I used to sip (umm…slug!) at London’s Players Lounge. French 75s are traditionally served by mixing gin, sugar, lemon and champagne. I skipped the sugar (figured the nectar was sweet enough) and my Sunday sips were a hit. They also went straight to our heads! Simply fill a flute with a jigger of gin, a heavy dash of the lemon nectar, top with Champagne and garnish with a twist. Cheers!

Warning – though these cocktails do liven up a Sunday afternoon, they can also lead to a pretty rough Monday morning, so drink responsibly, or at least know when to switch back to coffee. That part’s something I’m still learning…if you call me this morning and I’m not at my desk, just ask the receptionist to check the bathroom….retch!

Posted by Sam