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Last fall, – and maybe also The New York Times, but who’s counting? – broke news of Denny’s “Grand Cru Slam” which pairs Dom Pérignon champs with its signature Grand Slam Breakfast at their NYC location. Today, I’m thrilled to be able to inform lovers of fast-casual cuisine that, according to NRN, Taco Bell is jumping on the boozy boat.

Set to serve wine, beer, and frozen alcoholic slushies at select locations, the company best known for helping stoners in search of late night munchies “think outside the bun” is poised to become the go-to spot for the teenage set to try their fake ID’s.

The beverage menu is being rolled out stateside at the company’s Wicker Park location in Chicago, and will accompany a bevy of other changes that make it different than your average Bell. Customers can expect to see slicker design – think city-chic brick walls, and energy efficient lighting. Pieces by local artists will line the restaurant’s walls, and open kitchens will allow customers to enjoy a sense of transparency.

According to NRN, “sustainability is a goal” of the redesign, and it seems obvious to me that this move is the company’s attempt to navigate the brave new world of fast casual, aka the Chipotle Effect. I’ve only rode the Taco Bell train but once, and it didn’t agree with me. Despite my then-boyfriend’s insistence that “it only hurts the first time” (*wish* I were joking), I never went back for seconds. Still, though, it’s cool to see that the company both wants and needs to adapt to the modern consumer’s demands. You really can vote with your dollars, people!

Per the cup’s hashtag: #LetsGo

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