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Boozy SodaStream is Now a Thing

Boozy SodaStream is Now a Thing

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The future is here, and it brings with it an app-enabled home bartending beverage machine to ease your entire at-home cocktail making anxieties. No more worrying about making the perfectly balanced Tequila Sunrise because SodaStream recently unveiled their newest venture, MIX, at Milan Design Week 2015, and it is AWESOME.

TBH When I think of SodaStream I think of knockoff soft drinks, but that stigma is about to change. MIX is a touchscreen machine that’s super-duper fancy and can be controlled by a smartphone app. It can also connect to the Internet so you can upload and share cocktail recipes like the true bartender you really are.

SodaStream spent two years researching different sized bubbles and how each spirit and cocktail reacts to different levels of carbonation. Depending on which alcohol and mixer you choose, the bubble sizes will be different and will ultimately taste different.

So my one question is… whose job is it to try every cocktail under the sun to know which size bubbles? My questions are very similar to ones I have for the Ben & Jerry’s flavor gurus. How to do you stay sober/skinny in all of this taste testing?! I must know more about their lives.

Posted by Emily