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How many of you are guilty of checking your Facebook page at work? How about Perez? Shopping sites? Barstool? You Tube? Last year, BBC News published an article discussing how bosses should embrace Facebook (and other social networking sites) at work, and that they actually help employees build relationships with each other. My thoughts? Yeah, right. Facebook is a way to take a break from your everyday tasks and responsibilities. It’s a perfect time waster.

And thanks to the December issue of Marie Claire, I now have 15 new websites to add to my list, as Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks (from fashion blog Go Fug Yourself) encourage readers to visit their list of time wasting websites. See below a list of my favs, combined with some of Jessica and Heather’s recommendations. Simply spend 30 minutes on each site and half your day will already be over. Or, wait until you get HOME (like I obviously do) and then play around on all the sites (xoxo Marlo). You’re welcome!!!

The Real Estalker: This site tracks celebrities selling their glamorous homes. As the MC article says, “Pure real estate porn.”

Cake Wrecks: My roommate will NEVER be on this site. Pictures of cake mishaps and weird ass baked goods. (Check out the Twilight cakes… weird.)

Queerty: My manager’s absolute favorite time waster. Site slogan: free of an agenda… except that gay one.

Animals with Casts: Enough said.

This is why you’re Fat: Thanks to our wonderful Northeastern Co-Op intern Daisy, I get my daily fill of disgusting with this site. Anyone up for Twinkie Casserole?

Awkward Family Photos: Think your family’s weird? Think again.

Fancy Fast Food: Extreme makeovers of actual fast food items. The Wendy’s dollar menu never looked this good!

Dispatches from the Island: Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley from ABC’s Lost) records hilarious thoughts (and posts pics!) on his personal blog.

Posted by Julie