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Suck It, Fenway Franks!

Suck It, Fenway Franks!

I’ve never been one to enjoy the American favorite, the hot dog. Squeezed into a white bun, a squirmy piece of squishy-when-bitten meat—can we say eeeech! That all changed, however, the day I tried a bite of my first Kobe beef hot dog. Who would’ve ever thought I’d be adding a hot dog—any type of hot dog—to my meal CV?!

There are three spots in Boston where I’ve had the Kobe beef dog, all satisfying:

Jer-Ne Restaurant & Bar
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common
Featured as light fare, the Kobe dog is served in a toasted bun surrounded by Kobe chili and accompanied by herbed French fries. It’s just the right size for a quick bite, and the flavor of the Kobe beef hot dog along with the Kobe chili is a great combination.

The Metropolitan Club
A signature Met favorite, the XL Kobe beef dog takes up the entire plate! Accompanied by spicy yellow mustard and house-made relish and served atop a toasted bun,  it makes the taste worthy of the XL.

Audubon Circle Restaurant & Bar
The Kobe beef hot dog is served as an appetizer on a toasted bun, perfect for choosing ketchup, mustard, or relish toppings. Its meaty flavor makes it the perfect summer hot dog. I like to stop on my way TO Fenway to get my requisite “take me out to the ballpark” fill!

So if you’re like the old me, a hot dog avoider, give one of the above a try and I can guarantee that your taste buds will be left more than satisfied. To the Fenway frank I say: take your overpriced skinny slab of pig and suck it!

Posted by Jillian