Boston You’re My Home

This time last year I was living in NYC. A city that I loved immensely for six and a half years, until one day I didn’t anymore and then spent the next six months figuring out where to go and what to do with my life. I seriously considered crossing coasts to San Francisco, or heading to the Pacific Northwest and joining my yogi friends in Seattle. However, once the bombings happened at last year’s Marathon, that was it for me and I knew I had to return to my beloved Boston. I couldn’t resist the tug that I felt on my Massachusetts-raised heart strings calling me home.

People constantly question whether I miss NYC and that Boston must be such a big adjustment from the Empire State. To which I explain that I feel like NYC is similar to an ex-boyfriend (when the split is amicable), and while I will cherish all of the great memories we had together, we were growing in different directions and both knew it was time to move on. While I’ll admit that it does lack in the late-night scene, these days I am in the category of those who believe that nothing good happens after midnight. And though I don’t know how I would get by without Uber since there is not the steady stream of yellow cabs speeding down the streets, I find myself feeling constantly in awe of Boston. This year’s Marathon and the anniversary of the tragic events of 2013 proved just how amazing the people and the city of Boston are.

The other day this video montage popped up in my news feed, which is a cool ode to the architecture, buildings and the beauty of our city.


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