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Boys Trip to Brazil

Boys Trip to Brazil

I should have known that writing about below-the-belt grooming would eventually get me into some sort of trouble. Well, call me your resident sex-pert here at mm/c, I guess. Thanks to a male friend, who shall remain nameless, my recent post raised some questions which he felt more than comfortable asking. My favorite: What’s the norm for guys/What should I do?

Let me preface my response with the following disclaimer: dude — what you do down there is your prerogative! But if you’re curious about what’s trendy, read on.

New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut recently dived into the world of the manscaping, taking a look more specifically at the “brozilian.” Diddy admittedly does it (after listening to James Brown…TMI!), and there’s apparently been a slow uptick in men bravely venturing into the scary world of waxing. If you, or a man you know, is curious, there are some interesting things to think about:

  • That hot manicurist in the short skirt will not be performing your brozilian. Instead, think Grandma (boner-safe!). “A reassuring, motherly presence is advised.”
  • Misbehave and she will taze! One waxer was forced to taze a customer who insisted his procedure end with something…happy.
  • Can’t afford therapy? The intimate experience of going spread eagle for a stranger inevitably makes it easier to share your deepest darkest secrets.

My take on the trend? Sure, it’s great that men are finally starting to pay attention to their below-the-belt area, but I honestly think I’d freak if I ever came across a brozilian. It’s all very Mary Kay Letourneau/Vili Fualaau…and I’m really not into prepubescent boys, thanks. Keep the evidence that you’re of legal age, but keep it tidy. That’s really all I ask, bro.

Posted by Haley