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Brand Experiences Will Continue to Pop-Up in 2020 marlo marketing

Brand Experiences Will Continue to Pop-Up in 2020

Image Source: The Gothamist

The past few years, brands have been taking a creative, more immersive approach to marketing by creating experiences that mimic those of our favorite movies, TV shows, and brands themselves. POP TV’s Schitt’s Creek is the latest show to bring its set to life for fans. The exclusive pop-up, which lasted just one weekend in Los Angeles and New York City sold out almost immediately ahead of Schitt’s Creek‘s final season airing on January 6th. The show, which boasts a cult following that exploded in the last year, certainly didn’t need a pop-up to draw viewership, but there is something to be said about the magic of stepping into the lives of your favorite characters.

Themed pop-ups and immersive experiences have been a growing trend in restaurants and hotels since Van Gogh’s bedroom way back in 2016. This year alone we saw an Elf-themed suite in Club Wyndham’s Midtown 45, Barbie’s Dream House on Airbnb and The Bell Hotel, the latter two of which we covered here on If you want to extend this trend outside of hotels, look no further than our own city of Boston, which launched a Friends pop-up this November in Fenway for the show’s 25th anniversary and a Game of Thrones pop-up earlier this year at Precinct Kitchen + Bar.

These experiences not only provide an opportunity for people to make stronger connections to their favorite movie, show or artist – they also prove to be an effective marketing play. Many, if not all, of those listed above were booked up almost immediately. The resulting buzz on social and traditional media outlets is tremendous. In fact, according to the ad team responsible for The Bell Hotel, the campaign generated 4.4 billion impressions online and was featured in over 5,000 articles.

The Schitt’s Creek pop-up may have come and gone, but if the last three years tell us anything, it’s that we can expect to see more of these creative partnerships in the form of immersive experience. Whose world would you want to step into in 2020?

Posted by Kate