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Breakfast, Louis Vuitton-style

Breakfast, Louis Vuitton-style













Image source Dangerous Minds / Laughing Squid

Ahhhhh, breakfast in bed. Waking up to the sound of someone walking into your room carrying a tray of yummy-smelling food, freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of hot Joe. Is there anything that could make not having to leave your warm, snuggly bed for breakfast any better? Well ladies and gents, thanks to a Los Angeles designer by the name of Andrew Lewicki, breakfast in bed could soon get a whole lot more glamorous.

Ever wondered what Louis Vuitton tastes like? Nope, me neither, but thanks to Mr. Lewicki this thought will now forever be embedded in my brain; I present The Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker. An ordinary waffle maker on LV steroids, you simply pour your waffle mixture into this pimped-out appliance, wait a couple of minutes and voilà, your very own LV monogramed waffle!

Alas, for the time being this waffle machine is only for us label babies to fantasize over, unless of course you’re Mr. Lewicki. In order to make this Louis Vuitton breakfast dream a reality for the rest of us, he would have to get copyright consent from LV and, unfortunately, that seems to have about as much chance of becoming a reality as, well,  someone actually bringing me breakfast in bed…  🙁

Posted by Katherine