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…by far the weirdest invention yet. Seriously, what could be more unappealing and unsexy than your bride-to-be suited up in a big ‘ole diaper?

Marie Claire’s  website recently blogged about this crazy idea and it seems that bridal diapers (whether a myth or reality) are stirring up quite the conversation in the blogosphere.

Fans of the bridal diaper reason that since wedding gowns are so elaborate these days, it could take up to 20 minutes for the bride to get undressed in order to do her business — why not save her some time on the big day? “Saving her time” is a nice way of saying, “let her pee in her pants”. And — you guessed it — those against bridal diapers think it’s gross and totally unnecessary because let’s face it, if the bride actually does, it won’t be a very pleasant post-reception surprise for the groom.

Nothing says ‘sexy’ like a wet diaper.  Just ask my 6 month old nephew…

Posted by Alyssa