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Bridezilla’s New Look

Bridezilla’s New Look

Image Source Avant-Geek

I’ve always been a fan of food-themed clothing. Sushi socks? I’ll rock them. Pasta dresses on the runway? I’ll blog about them. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s creative – I get it. But, as sane human beings, we’ve got to hit the brakes at some point. When I saw this “wedding-worthy” dress, all I wanted to do was get up and yell “STOP THE MADNESS”!! So, I’m writing this post in hopes that you’ll join my efforts to end this once and for all. It’s a social illness and, together, we can cure it!

Before I go into full attack mode, I should give this girl points for creativity and Dominos props for hosting the successfully viral “Piece of the Pie” contest, both of which led to this work of art. I should also admit that I’m a huge fan of pizza (the edible food product) as well as big dresses that twirl (I blame my mother), but I refuse to smash them together and succumb to this crazy obsession with turning every possible goddamn thing into pizza. Enough is enough!!!

If I get a petition going, will you sign it? If I end my rant here and now to spare you another wasted minute reading about this dumb pizza dress, will you be grateful?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Forever shaking my fist.

Posted by Zein