British Magazine Packs on the Pounds

Photoshopping a model to look…heavier? There’s something you don’t read about every day (or EVER, for that matter). In a seemingly unprecedented move, British magazine Healthy opted to airbrush the April cover model to make her appear curvier than her usual size four self. Reports say the magazine, an in-house publication for British vitamin and health food retailer Holland & Barrett, packed as much as 44 pounds onto the pin-thin frame of Kamilla Wladyka.

While I applaud the magazine’s intentions, the story is further evidence that the industry needs to use healthier-looking models instead of promoting a false image of the women’s body types. Giving the model a healthy body type retroactively simply whitewashes the problem rather than addressing it head-on. Employing women that relay a positive body image to readers should be a no-brainer for a magazine that purports a healthy message.

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