I’m no stranger to ramen. I spent countless nights during my freshman year strategically avoiding the dining hall and indulging in the deliciously salty, freeze-dried noodles for the low, low price of 89 cents. I referred to it as ‘budget-dining,’ which somehow justified consuming quadruple my daily salt requirement.

Since I consider myself a ramen aficionado, I was shocked by how long it took me to discover the RAMEN BURGER!

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When I first heard the term “ramen burger” I envisioned a congealed patty of ramen stuffed between the layers of a bun, maybe with some veggies (or even cheese!) included.  Now, if that doesn’t sound appetizing, you obviously don’t have the undying love for ramen seasoning packets that I do.  I should have known better though, for something that was sweeping the nation as quickly as the ramen burger has, there had to be more to it.

There are many varieties out there but for the most part a ramen burger seems to include a hamburger patty between a ramen ‘bun,’  topped with greens, and sometimes a sauce or cheese. Despite the differences in toppings or style one thing stays consistent:  every ramen burger bridges the gap between dorm room dining and fine dining, adding finesse to the freeze-dried noodles we all know and love.

For the chefs who have attempted this feat, I congratulate you! With Dunkin Donuts’ launch of their ‘donut breakfast sandwich’ and chefs like the disgraced Paula Deen cooking up ‘krispy kreme cheeseburgers’, it was only a matter of time before someone combined ramen and burgers. While I would never wait in line for a sandwich made with a glazed donut, you can bet I’d queue up for a burger featuring a bun made of ramen!

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