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The Bunny’s Getting a Little Long in the Tooth

The Bunny’s Getting a Little Long in the Tooth

Things change with age. Summer vacations are now a week-long getaway as opposed to the months of leisure with neighborhood amigos, and my financials now involve Roths and 401(k)s as opposed to an oversized Crayola crayon filled with pennies.

Of course I understand we all need to grow up eventually, however I do wish some things could just stay the same…for instance, holidays. Easter was this past Sunday and looking back I fondly remember elaborate stagings by my parents (i.e. having our cocker spaniel leave dusty tracks behind the couch leading my brother, sister and me on a hunt to our baskets of bunny gifts in the dining room), and raucous egg hunts with my siblings and cousins. Ours got a little too raucous (…talking full-on war here), which led to eggs being labeled with our names to ensure equitable distribution of goods. However, there was always a lovely meal to finish off the day.

This year, I received an email from my mother saying “Your Father and I have been thinking it over, we’re just going to do ‘snackies’ and dessert this Sunday, arrive around 6 – see you then!” Excuse me! No ham, no lamb, no warm, family dinner?! Cheese and crackers and petit fours if we’re lucky this year?! Well, I refused to accept this and took it upon myself to reinvent our Easter traditions to ensure a wonderful family occasion, no matter what. They wanted ‘snackies’, they got ‘snackies’, but they were just as scrumptious and satisfying as the feast of years past, laid out by Mabel Mazzarelli. Below is my hit list for our 2009 over-the-top “Easter Sunday Cocktail Hour”:

You’ll all be happy to know – there was a basket full of treats waiting for me upon arrival…the bunny lives on! 🙂

Posted by Sam