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Burger King Gets Rid of the Birthday Blues

burger king

Burger King Gets Rid of the Birthday Blues

Image Source: Burger King via Adweek

Among the many frustrating, upsetting and straight up scary things to grapple with during quarantine as an adult, it’s even harder to imagine facing such a tumultuous and confusing time as a kid. In addition to not getting to play at the playground or see friends at school, kids have been particularly saddened by missing out on one of the brightest highlights of the year: their birthday party. While I personally would be just fine never attending another toddler party on the pizza-bouncy-castle-superhero-cake-rinse-repeat circuit, I know how much joy these occasions bring to the mini guests of honor and definitely feel for our woeful wee ones these days.

To help take the sting off the birthday blues, Burger King France recently launched a campaign offering 500 free birthday parties for kids after the lockdown is lifted. In order to claim a party, parents just had to upload a photo of their kiddo’s birthday cake to social media and tag Burger King. The promotion was simple, addressed a timely – and real – challenge, and was ultimately a big success. All 500 parties offered were given away within 24 hours, and BK ended up expanding the campaign to include 100 more parties.

Additionally, the sweet/sad/funny pout-filled accompanying video to support the campaign did a great job bringing to life how #thestruggleisreal for kids with bungled birthday plans due to the pandemic, and successfully reinforced Burger King as a brand that provides value for families. Kudos to BK for making some major birthday wishes come true after the current crisis is behind us!

Posted by Karen