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Getting Arrested Isn’t Funny…But the Mug Shots Are!

Getting Arrested Isn’t Funny…But the Mug Shots Are!

As publicists, we scour the stands for new papers and magazines everywhere we go. It’s a curse (really). On a recent trip to Austin, my friend picked up a weekly newspaper he thought I may find of interest, and boy was he ever right!

Busted! In Austin is a weekly mug shot newspaper which highlights the drunken tomfoolery of the fine citizens of Texas. For those who aren’t familiar with the law, don’t worry! There is an Abbreviation Key on page 4 in each issue for your convenience. News to note: 75% of the five subsequent pages are attributed to PI (public intoxication, duh!) mug shots. Classy.

In more current news, Busted! In Austin is holding a prison tattoo contest. The top four entries will be published and the readers will vote to select the winner, who will receive a whopping 25 buckeroos and a free issue of Busted! In Austin! Adding up to the grand total of $26.00 in prize money. Sweet.

I (unfortunately) have to admit that, flipping through the trashy pub, my giddy meter (guiltily) began to rise. Set up like a high school yearbook, the mag also highlights “superlatives” ranging from old farts to whipper snappers, busted beauties to handsome hooligans, and of course, a heavenly hair category. I’m glad the state of Texas is a part of our Union…but boy am I glad it’s far, far away from New England.

Posted by Daisy