Buy These Five Pieces of Clothing You’ll Never Have To Go Shopping Again

How many times have you been staring at a closet that is filled to the brim and said the words “I have nothing to wear!” #Firstworldproblems. Despite the fact that this statement is utterly ridiculous, it’s also semi-true. I’m a hundo-percent guilty of buying a trendy article of clothing that in the grand scheme of things does not fit cohesively with anything in my wardrobe, and subsequently goes out of style.

Best friends Cara Bartlett and Vanessa van Zyl decided to create a solution to this fashion crisis by creating VETTA; a versatile capsule collection made up of only five pieces that creates 30 different outfits.

Woah, woah, back it up.. say that again?!

A collection made up of only five pieces that creates 30 different outfits.

Image Source Kickstarter

Not only are these pieces simple and classic, but Cara & Vanessa committed themselves to creating a line that was eco-friendly and responsibly made. Translation? All the clothing is made with environmentally friendly fabrics by factories that pay legal wages, ensure workplace safety, and prohibit unlawful labor and discrimination.

Currently the VETTA collection is on pre-order through their Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is to help them raise funds because as they state on their page, “It is expensive to create products that are made in the USA from sustainable materials. And while selling directly to the consumer (rather than through established retailers) keeps the price down, it could limit our reach. In order to survive, we need people like you who are willing to order products online and stay connected with a brand they believe in.”

Well as a new VETTA convert I’m happy to proclaim “I BELIEVE!”

Image Source Kickstarter

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