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Buzz-Driving Brand Collaborations

Image Source: Adidas via CNN

Thinking outside the box is something we as marketers and creatives do on a daily basis, and recently it seems that more and more brands, with seemingly no relation, are patterning up for killer stunts and ad campaigns. And, as you should know from reading, we’re all about a good brand collaboration.

A recent example: Taco Bell and T-Mobile partnered for a pop-up to give out free tacos on Tuesdays while ordering via the T-Mobile app. Cleverly named “T-MoBell” the pop-up that began in NYC will be expanding to other cities around the country (*please come to Boston*). The two brands couldn’t have less in common, but have come together to offer something consumers can’t resist – free food! And, as expected, people talked about it.

Another strange partnership comes from AriZona Iced Tea and Adidas, who offered an exclusive sneaker for 99¢ and sold one day only at an NYC pop-up. If you’re willing to shell out $300+, though, there are several pairs selling on eBay.

The T-MoBell stunt cleverly integrated food and technology, the limited time offering caused an overwhelming demand. Similarly, the Adidas and AriZona partnership drew such a crowd it had to be shut down by NYPD for safety reasons. These stunts may seem unrelated, but they both enjoyed significant buzz, which is, after all, every marketers goal.

Posted by Katerina