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Bye-Bye Bad Bananas!

Bye-Bye Bad Bananas!

Image Source: Insider

Bananas are one of the most common fruits in the entire world. But, whether you like them still green, perfectly ripe, or a little bit brown, we all can probably agree that the buying process is frustrating. No matter what type or how many you buy, you can never finish them by the time they get too ripe for anyone’s taste. You tell yourself that maybe you will make that cute Pinterest recipe you’ve been dying to try with what’s left over, but let’s be honest, Netflix is usually more important.

Video Source: Natural Cures via YouTube

So, to help solve that problem, Korean grocery chain E-Mart has come up with the “Hana Hanana Banana” package. What is this adorably named package exactly? Well, according to E-Mart, each package contains bananas at all different levels of ripeness, so that you have a perfectly fresh banana for every day of the week. Such a simple, but smart idea. It leaves me wondering “why wasn’t this created sooner?!”

While the “One a Day Banana” pack is currently only available in Korea, it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way over to us (it would be bananas for it not to, right?!).

Posted by Madison