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BYO Snuggie

BYO Snuggie

If you haven’t heard of the Snuggie, you must live under a rock. This product overwhelmed the airwaves this past December — you couldn’t watch anything on TV without seeing the ad for this “blanket with sleeves.” I remember sitting on my Dad’s couch in Vermont and laughing about this stupid product. Honestly, who doesn’t have time to take their hands out of a blanket to answer the phone or use a remote? It’s called laziness–and America is suffering from it.

The Snuggie became so popular so quickly that ordering one in December resulted in a 2 month delay in delivery…if you were lucky. Hundreds of consumers missed out completely as the Snuggie quickly sold out. The press has been INSANE. Matt Lauer wore a Snuggie live on the Today Show, it’s been written about in USA Today and countless other newspapers.

So what’s the latest gimmick? Snuggie has announced a nation-wide, adult-only pub-crawl in select cities. The site is extremely vague when it comes to details, but it does mention that the original date of March 21 was pushed to April 18 to “allow for additional time for our guests to acquire their Snuggies and for the bars to prepare for our volume.” Awesome.

The date for the Boston event is still TBD, but check out the Snuggie site for more info or to register for email updates about the pub crawl.

Posted by Julie