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Cable for Canines

Cable for Canines

Image source DOGTV via ABC News

Creatively named DOGTV, a new subscription-based digital TV channel, is now available 24/7. Developed to provide your pup with hours of dog-friendly entertainment while you’re out and about, for $5 a month, you’ll never have to worry about Fido feeling alone again.  I’ll tell you one thing:  it takes years of marijuana smoking to actually bring an idea like this to reality.

According to their web site, the content, created from the world’s top pet experts, was designed to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing patterns. The imagery is organized into 3-6 minute segments that apparently provide “just the right balance for the daily routines of our beloved ‘stay-at-home’ dogs.” The channel has three types of programs: relaxation (think sunsets, sleeping puppies, soothing music), stimulation (to encourage playfulness), and exposure (footage of daily stimuli such as the noise of a vacuum cleaner, looking out a car window, etc).

While I suppose it was only a matter of time before something like this was created, I’d say file this under things that we never knew we could live without.

Posted by Emily