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Calling All HP Super Freaks

Calling All HP Super Freaks

I get camping out to be first in line for the midnight showing of a new movie, the super fan clubs, the Halloween costumes, lightning bolt tattoos and the fact that Universal Orlando recreated an entire wizarding world for muggles to live out their wildest fantasies of attending Hogwarts. I can even support that there is an International Quidditch Association—although this is a touchy subject as the floor I lived on my freshman year of college became known for initiating the official Quidditch team for Emerson (fact).

But this is where I put my foot down: life size baby dolls.

Tracy Ann Lister, a custom doll maker, has created a series of “Reborn Harry Potter Babies”—disturbingly realistic infant versions of the Harry Potter characters. As if collecting dolls isn’t a creepy enough hobby, these will certainly burn the kind of unforgettable images in your brain that will keep you up at night. As the website clearly states, these dolls are not toys or intended for children. Sorry guys.

While Ginny and Hermione look like regular babies that are actually quite cute, Baby Voldy is scarier looking than the shriveled version you saw in Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Don’t worry, Lister has created all your favorite characters including: Dobby the House Elf, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, and, of course, Harry. Not enough? You can check out photos of all the dolls here.

I feel strongly that anyone buying one of these dolls should be required to undergo a government-issued background check. Just sayin’.

Posted by Emily