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Calling All Puparazzi To The Frenchie Pop-Up Café

Calling All Puparazzi To The Frenchie Pop-Up Café

Image Source: Pug Café

Don’t tell my dog, Bailey, this: my favorite dog breed is actually a French bulldog, not a Pembroke Welsh corgi. While I love Bailey and her stumpy corgi legs and her plump corgi butt, there’s something about Frenchies that speaks to me. Maybe it’s their squished faces and big ears, or maybe it’s their little potbellies when they’re puppies. Either way, I’m not alone in my adoration of the Frenchie, which was ranked the fourth most popular dog breed in the U.S. in 2017.

My fellow Frenchie fanatics and I will get a chance to share our love of French bulldogs over a cup of coffee at a pop-up (or should I say, “pup-up?”) when Frenchie Café opens next month. While, unfortunately a visit to the café will require a transatlantic flight for me, if you happen to be in London, you can book a 70-minute visit at the café to spend some quality time with some adorable four-legged friends.

In addition to admission to the café, the £15 entry fee includes a bag of doggy treats, so you can bribe a Frenchie to be your friend. If you have a Frenchie of your own that you plan to bring to the café, your entry fee goes down to £10 and you’ll get a pupuccino and pupcorn to feed your French pupper. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of cakes, coffee and cocktails on the menu for humans, too!

Judging by the success of the organizer’s previous pop-up concept, Pug Café, I’m sure the Frenchie Café will be nothing short of pawsome!

Posted by Sylvie