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Calling All Vampire Enthusiasts

Calling All Vampire Enthusiasts

Image Source: Bustle

Are you obsessed with Twilight, dress as a vampire for Halloween every year, or just have a general fascination with the living dead? Six Flags is hosting the perfect competition for you! In honor of 30 years of Fright Fest at Six Flags, the amusement park has announced their 30-hour Coffin Challenge. Six participants will have to endure 30 hours in a coffin provided by the park to win a $300 cash prize, season passes, the coffin itself (!!!), and other goodies. The rules are simple: participants must remain in the coffin for the full duration of the 30 hours with the exception of bathroom and, surprisingly, snack breaks! If you exit the coffin for any other reason, you’re disqualified.

Six Flags has cracked the code when it comes to an interesting, creative, and seasonally-appropriate marketing stunt. What a fun and timely way to celebrate Halloween, Fright Fest, and generate some buzz on social media. Personally, no amount of money could ever entice me into a coffin for any extended time, but I do love the thrill of being scared and the atmosphere of the season! The “Coffin Dwellers,” as the Six Flags website calls them, can bring a guest with them for the park’s regular operating hours, but must brave the night alone.

While we are not catching a flight to St. Louis to lock ourselves in a coffin anytime soon, we commend those that are brave enough to take on the challenge. We’re sure Edward Cullen would be proud!

Posted by Brenna