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Calling BS

Calling BS

Without (too much) political commentary, I think it’s important to address the recent mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. As Americans, this has become all too familiar, and as a Connecticut resident I find it even more horrifying, deplorable and heartbreaking that there have been 1,607 mass shootings since Sandy Hook in 2012.

After each massacre, the country grieves; there are “thoughts and prayers;” there is fighting between parties; and then ultimately nothing is done. However, after the Parkland shooting, the students of Stoneman Douglas have taken matters into their own hands and started a revolution, backboned by a declaration of #neveragain. I’m inspired to watch these eloquent teenagers address the President, politicians and the nation as a whole, demanding action with or without their help. I’m inspired to know that these students are the future, and while many of these students may not be old enough to “legally” purchase a firearm right now, they sure as hell will be old enough to vote in the next election.

I’d like to share a speech from Stoneman Douglas senior Emma Gonzalez from a recent anti-gun rally in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s 11 minutes long and you may be thinking that you don’t have time to watch this right now, or that you already know everything she said. To that I would say, 11 minutes is not nearly long enough for the 17 victims of this shooting, or the 26 victims from Sandy Hook, the 13 from Columbine, the 58 from Las Vegas, the 49 from the Pulse Nightclub, the 26 from Sutherland Springs, the 12 from Aurora, and the hundreds of others from the countless shootings throughout the years.

Posted by Tracy