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Camouflage? No, It’s Camelflage.

Camouflage? No, It’s Camelflage.

Love your skinny jeans and yoga pants, but don’t love the oh-so-taboo “camel toe” that comes along with wearing them? Well, welcome the female dignity-saver, Camelflage; appropriately named, because you guessed it: it camouflages the camel toe (god, I hate that term).

I read about this creative invention (and said to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”) on and had to learn more. These miracle-worker panties have a sewn-in insert that will stay put for perfect protection no matter what you’re doing in your skin-tight pants – dancing, walking, exercising, etc. They come in a full-range of sizes and are available in both thongs and briefs. You can buy back your modesty for just $19.99 a pair.

Let’s rejoice that our lady parts will no longer be referred to as an even-toed animal bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as humps on its back (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Posted by Alyssa